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The Tarifs

During the practice of my services I offer you a wide choice of roles that can be assigned to me to carry out your projects in all confidence and seriousness.


+ 15 minutes free session

$ 99 99
  • Consultant Senior
  • Functional Leader
  • Technical Leader
  • Software Architect
  • Data Analyst


+ 1 hour free session

$ 549 99
  • All Mentioned in Discovery
  • IT Systems Auditor
  • IT Project Manager
  • Documentation Audit
  • And More as Needed


+ free half day framing

$ 2499 99
  • All Mentioned in Discovery
  • All Mentioned in Regular
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • The Flexible Half Day Offered
  • And More as Needed


+ 2 full days free bonus

$ 9949 99
  • All Mentioned in Discovery
  • All Mentioned in Regular
  • All Mentioned in Optimizer
  • Complete and Exclusive Services
  • And More as Needed

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What you Need to Know

Regarding working hours, my availability spans from 7 am to 10 pm, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your needs.
Additional hours beyond the specified timeframe can be negotiated based on project requirements and mutual agreement.
It's important to note that considering evolution and change requests as bugs or incomplete work is not within the scope of operations.
To discuss projects in detail, we can arrange a Teams Meeting at your convenience to delve deeper into the specifics.

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