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Explore the subscription tiers tailored to your needs! Whether you opt for the Free Plan with limited access, the $10 Starter Plan offering expanded features, or our $20 Premium Plan unlocking complete functionalities and priority support, each tier delivers varying degrees of access and assistance across Microsoft Power Platform, Azure, Office 365, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and WordPress integration. Find your perfect fit and unlock a world of possibilities!


Everyone Gets These Choices​

$ 0
Per Month
  • Limited Access on Articles:
  • Limited access to basic articles across all mentioned solutions.
  • Basic Functionality Available
  • Limited options for utilizing advanced features across these platforms and tools.
  • Limited Support Resources
  • Assistance available through a restricted knowledge base.


Enjoy Free Plan Perks, No Downsides​

$ 9 99
Per Month
  • Expanded Article Access
  • Full access to most articles and tutorials across all solutions.
  • Enhanced Platform Functionality
  • Access to advanced features with some limitations on utilization for the mentioned platforms and tools.
  • Improved Assistance
  • Enhanced support with a Q&A service and some technical support.


Get Both Plans' Perks, Plus More Goodies​

$ 19 99
Per Month
  • Complete Content Access
  • Unlimited access to all content and features on the mentioned solutions.
  • Full Platform Functionality
  • Unrestricted access to all advanced options and features for the listed platforms and tools.
  • Priority Support
  • Priority assistance with comprehensive technical support and a dedicated Q&A service for prompt issue resolution and queries.

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