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Customer Voice Integration with Dynamics 365

Author: Haïthem BEN AYOUB
This article delves into the seamless integration of Customer Voice with Dynamics 365, empowering businesses to harness customer feedback effectively. Learn how to leverage real-time marketing insights in compliance with GDPR preferences for a refined customer engagement strategy.

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Addressing the need for integrating customer feedback and GDPR compliance into Dynamics 365 for improved marketing strategies.
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Required Tools and Components:

A Computer Desktop or Laptop
Internet connection
A Browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.)

Additional Things Needed

Microsoft Dynamics License or Trial  
Microsoft Power Automate License  
Microsoft OneDrive for Business License

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Begin by accessing the Dynamics 365 platform using your preferred browser on your desktop or laptop. Log in using your credentials associated with your Dynamics 365 account. This step is crucial to initiate the process of integrating Customer Voice.
Within Dynamics 365, locate the "Settings" tab and navigate to the "Customer Voice" section. This step will enable you to access the settings necessary for integrating Customer Voice seamlessly.
Configure the integration settings by establishing the connection between Customer Voice and Dynamics 365. Ensure proper synchronization of data and permissions to enable a smooth feedback collection process.
Explore the GDPR compliance settings within Customer Voice. Configure preferences for audience data in alignment with GDPR regulations. This step ensures ethical and legal handling of customer information.
Leverage the integrated data from Customer Voice within Dynamics 365 to gather real-time marketing insights. Utilize this information to tailor campaigns and engagements in line with customer preferences.
Integrate automation tools like Microsoft Power Automate to create workflows that streamline the feedback collection process. Automate actions based on feedback received for efficient customer engagement.
Regularly review the integrated setup, monitor feedback collection, and analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Optimize configurations based on insights gathered for continuous improvement.

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